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Create a Website From Scratch

Trying to make a website from scratch and not sure where to start. That's what this website is all about.

First things first ... decide on a good name and see if it's available. In order to see if the name you want is available go to one of the websites listed below and search the name that you want to see if it is already taken or not.

What name you choose is not as important as you might think. The Content is what really matters and will keep people coming back.

Who would have ever thought odd names like Google, Yahoo, Amazon or Ebay would work? Something memorable. Not to hard to remember. And I would say a .com address is somewhat important as that's the first guess most are going to try.

The next step is to decide how much work you want to do on the site. If you want it to be simple, free and easy you're going to want to use somebody like

Google Sites (Personal)

How to get your own personal Google website in minutes

Google Sites (Business)






If you are the hands on type and want total control then you are in for a bit of learning and some work. Here is where we start >>> Learning some HTML. My method to learn is to teach you. So here we go! Together we can rule the world! Erm... the intenet world... Cartoon Face Winking

According to the Standards the first thing that goes at the top of each and every webpage you make is going to be the Doctype declaration

Tools of the Trade

Tools: You will need a Text Editor and a web browser

Tip : Use one of the following online code editors:

Website Design & Development

There are two main groups of concern when making our website. Website Design & Website Development. What is the difference?

A web designer:

A web developer:

What Web Development actually feels like

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